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Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village
Job Description
 The Housekeeper is responsible for the daily cleaning, laundry, and general upkeep of the cottages and other buildings assigned.   
Essential Functions/Skill Competencies
  1. Maintains clean and sanitary environment of all buildings following OSHA guidelines with regard to universal precautions.
  2. Assist in maintaining cottages at the level outlined in the Founder’s Standards.
  3. Cleans designated outdoor areas.
  4. Cleans and sanitizes all kitchen surfaces and appliances to meet required standards.
  5. Performs routine cleanings of resident’s bedrooms, cottages, offices, clinical areas, waiting areas, restrooms, etc., in a clean, neat, and sanitary manner.
  6. Cleans and sanitizes all meal preparation utensils including but not limited to pots, glasses, and silverware etc.
  7. Uses and maintains housekeeping equipment and reports safety hazards to the appropriate personnel.
  8. Follows all infection control practices including hand washing techniques, standard precautions and isolation precautions.
  9. Carries out other duties as assigned. 
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