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Communications Field Technicians

Croft Communications
Job Description
Telecommunications Field Technicians Job Description

Level  Two
Technicians at this level will perform the basic analog and digital telephone equipment installation, cable installation and maintenance, initially under the close supervision of an experienced technician and are expected to progress to a level where technician will require less supervision.


1. Conducts site surveys and meets with other department contacts to plan and coordinate new / upgraded cabling and telecommunications equipment for small or basic systems.  

2. Installs, tests, maintains, and repairs key telephone systems.  

3. Installs, maintains, and repairs distribution racks, interconnecting and distribution cables, terminals, intrusion alarms, alerting devices, grounding, and wiring on a variety of signaling and communications systems.  

4. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field.


1. Tools, test equipment, practices, and methods used in installing analog and digital telephone and signaling equipment  

2. Construction, assembly, repair, operation, and interconnection of electronic telephone equipment, including cabling standards, terminations, and testing.

3. Personal computers and local and wide area computing networks  Skill and Ability to:

a) Analyze data, recognize problems, and draw logical conclusions

b) Keep up-to-date with modern technology in areas of interest  

c) Use electronic test and repair equipment to test and repair telecommunications equipment and systems  

d) Clean and handle delicate electronic equipment  

4. Follow oral and written instructions  

5.. Establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships with those contacted during the course of work  

6. Effectively communicate orally and in writing to convey technical information in non-technical terms  7. Use a Windows based PC to organize work, generate records and reports, and configure equipment 8. Control and configure IP enabled telecommunications equipment using data network communications protocols such as telnet, ping, IP config, and FTP.

10..  Inherent knowledge of security camera systems and local configurations including NVR’s, POE and AC powered systems.  
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